hijacking zeus and iceIX
Hey longtime i posated a fucking paper.
But yea! wıll do this in simple steps to make it as easy as possible.

1.get to known a retard using zbot or IceİX!

2. try to get his executable: say like 'Hey can i run this, i want to see what will happen'

3. now you have ıt 'don,t run ıt' unless you are a guy with aspergers from HF.

Getting the rc4 key the easy way:


Upload the executable.


the application will run it to a server running a VM! then run the executable on the vm! then the main server will use voxility or dafuq the name is! to get the rc4 key and alot of other ınfo! ıncluding the gate.php


wait some day 1-3 days, goto


try finding the panel he uses! it will be posted with the rc4 key! and gate.php and config fıle.


go here:

Put the gate.php URL or formal: Uniform resource locator adress.
then the rc4 key.

use c99 or whatever you want. and upload ıt. next clıck sploıt.


if it says success, well good job fuckass.

Now goto youre shell and goto config.php or whatever the name of the config file is. it will be located in the zeus folder! ın _system usually.

use the detaıls there to connect usıng the sql manager.

now look up ın the tables for cp or cpusers

then copy the md5 hash.

use hashcrack using various dictionaries or use md5decrypter.co.uk


let,s say ıt has been crakced.

goto cp.php and log in with username and password.

There you go cocksucker! most of the credits goto xyltol.

Either way

greets to siphon nad especıally SN and bugtrack ma nigga :)

PM for zero: Stop uploading the shit to tınyupload fucktard. post ıt dırectly:)


# siph0n [2014-07-23]