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I hacked AKP (the ruling party in Turkey) because I support the society people
are trying to build in Rojava and Bakur [1], and they're being attacked by
Turkey [2][3][4]. I don't see leaking as an end in itself, so I was talking with
people in Rojava and Bakur to see how best to use the access I'd gotten. There
was a miscommunication between some of them and someone gave a copy of the first
file I'd downloaded (which had about half of's email up to that
point) to wikileaks. They quickly corrected the miscommunication and asked
wikileaks to hold off on publishing it, but wikileaks decided to publish now
anyway with the international attention from the recent coup attempt. To be fair
to wikileaks, they didn't know I was still in AKP's network downloading files at
the time they announced they were publishing [5], but they did know that the
source who had given them the file was asking them to wait...
Here's a torrent with all the email and some other files:!U5xFRRTR!fDYJSGT7vErFBb65VJX6mTFvtVTsf5xuEm1keu-M7xA
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# siph0n [2016-07-20]